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Lighthearted Friend • 2017 rpg

W. H. Duryea • www.miserytourism.com

To be played after my other entry, “Jack the Ripper.”

History tells us that Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) could not have been the Whitechapel killer, because he was enjoying a summer in the country with child actress Isa Bowman at the same time as many of the murders occurred.

One player is CHARLES.
One player is ISA.
One player is ID. 

ID finds a nasty piece of erotica on the internet and picks the most graphic paragraph. (Do NOT show it to ISA!) CHARLES must rearrange the letters in the paragraph to form a brief, clean, entertaining children’s story. CHARLES must use every letter in the paragraph, and cannot use a letter more times than it appears in the original.

CHARLES reads the story he wrote to ISA. ISA must try to guess a sex act that occurred in the original paragraph. If ISA is wrong, everyone switches roles and the game starts over. If ISA guesses correctly, the game must end immediately!

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