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Survivors on an Uncharted Island • 2017 rpg

Steve Hickey •

You are plane crash survivors on an uncharted island.

Rescue is impossible.

Define each main character survivor with an intriguing question (e.g. why is Amanda pretending to be amnesiac?). Once per session, you may add a question to a survivor you don’t play. If any character has no questions, they can die.

You may play multiple survivors. 


Anyone may say “Try it a different way” or “Go deeper” if they feel something is inappropriate or superficial.


On an index card, draw a line to represent the coast where you’ve crashed. ALWAYS define questions (on adjacent cards) for the nearest uncharted areas. Anyone may create a question. Each question should potentially have mundane and weird explanations. Insert or modify cards when you discover new areas or resolve questions.

Cards can go down, in, or backwards (in time).

Assign a player to be the Authority on what’s true about each new aspect of the island.

If an action is risky or the outcome unknown, define (as a group) the worst, best, and in-between outcomes. Roll 1d6: 1 = worst, 6 = best. The appropriate Authority (or, if none, a group-nominee) narrates.


Play to answer questions and see if anyone escapes the island.

Author Comments

“Try it a different way” and “Go deeper” are from Archipelago and Love In The Time of the Seid by Matthijs Holter and Jason Morningstar. Index card maps are from John Aegard’s ‘How to run a tight 4-hour Dungeon World one shot’. The 1d6 recipe for resolving risks is from Simon Carryer. Thanks to Jenni Sands and Morgan Davie for the inspiration to enter this (and to Jenni, Sean, and Helen for watching Lost with me).

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