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The Dreaming Giant • 2017 rpg

Alina Astalus • http://dune3001.wixsite.com/works

A girl in a village is told by her grandmother a legend about how their whole world is actually the dream of a great giant, represented by a mountain silhouette in the distance. After the story is done, an earthquake takes place and some of the villagers disappear. She figures that it’s because the giant is waking up, effectively killing the dream. 
This prompts out protagonist to travel the world and collect stories from its inhabitants to go tell the sleeping giant to keep him from waking up. As she travels she encounters an array of characters, some who believe the legend, some who don’t.
 Collected stories can be used to solve puzzles and open doors along the way. 
As a final test, she finds the King of the land trying to wake up the giant for good, thinking it’s better like that than to live in someone else’s dream. The girl then has a choice, to help him wake the giant up or to stop him and let things stay as they are.  

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