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Valor: The Dimming Flame • 2017 rpg

Thomas Evans • no link

Valor: The Dimming Flame is an RPG about Paladins refusing temptation and darkness within themselves.

Each player is a Paladin; a devolt holy warrior. Each paladin begins the game with 7 resolve.
The GM is temptation. Giving instances of corruption and bravery to the weathered souls of the paladins.

Every challenge the GM gives a paladin tests the resolve of these knights. A test is taken by rolling 2d6. On a result of 8 or greater the paladin accomplishes a task. If either d6 rolls a 1, a resolve point is ripped away from that paladin. At zero resolve, the paladin falls from grace and into darkness, no longer able to walk the path with the rest of the paladins. 

Paladins can push their resolve, adding a third d6 to a task after a failed result at the cost of one resolve. If the third d6 rolls a 1, additional resolve is not lost. 

A paladin can possibly restore lost resolve by achieving heroic deeds or by praying. A paladin can pray once per day by rolling 1d6. On a 5 or greater one resolve is restored to the worn warrior.

Author Comments

Thanks again Amanda, Dave, and John. More thanks to Dan, Lamp, the GB D&D group and Afterdark.

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