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Be Like Water • 2017 rpg

Michael Dunn-O'Connor •

1 Player, 1 GM
Player creates FIghter:
Describe your…
·      life before fighting.
·      ancient training.
·      murdered mentor.
GM creates Opponent.
Describe the…
·      cowards who abandoned you.
·      forbidden method that surpassed training.
·      reasons you killed your mentor.
Both secretly complete the following on index card:
·      When stunned I…
·      When disarmed I…
·      When injured I…
·      When dying I…
Player creates: 1D6 attack pool and 1D6 injury pool.
#: GM describes Opponent’s assault.  Player chooses to defend or attack.
Defend: Roll 1D6
1-3: Take the blow.
4-6: Be like water
Take the blow: +1D6 to injury pool.  Describe what’s destroyed.
Be like water: +1D6 to attack pool.  Ask opponent a question.  They answer.
·      If you strike a nerve (GM’s call): +1D6 to attack pool.
·      Otherwise, opponent asks a question.  Answer.  If it strikes a nerve (Player’s call): +1D6 to injury pool.
Repeat #.
Roll attack pool. 
4-6: hits opponent.
Roll Injury pool.
4-6: hits Fighter.
1 hit: Stunned
2: Disarmed
3: Injured
4: Dying
If one or both combatants are dying, the game ends.  Collaboratively narrate the outcome. 
Otherwise, continue.
Injured Opponent: +1D6
Disarmed: -1D6
Injured: +1D6
Disarmed Opponent: -1D6

Author Comments

Thanks to N. Garcia, J. Recca, M. Warren, D. O’Connor, and W. Dunn-O’Connor from Playstead Design Studios.

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