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To Alex! • 2017rpg

Jenn Martin/Todd Nicholas •

For 3-6 players, over drinks.

You just attended your complicated friend Alex’s funeral and are now drinking and telling Alex stories. 

Make three types of notecards with the following written on them:

-Almost arrested
-The big fight
-Best party ever  
-Childhood memory
-Getting lost
-Helping someone 

-Favorite color
-Sad song
-Funny movie 
-Your shared place
-Comfy t-shirt
-Funny selfie

-You know a secret
-You saw another side
-You have more information
-You saw the fallout
-Alex confessed something 
-You and Alex talked about it

You may add to these lists.

Each player draws 1 card of each type. On their turn, they use the “Prompt” and “Inspiration” cards to improvise a story about Alex. Other players may interject with questions, color, or comments. Players may play their complication card during another player’s turn to add a new dimension to the story.

After everyone’s turn, each player selects one of these prompts to conclude their reminiscing:
I’ll miss Alex because…
I loved Alex because…
I’m glad Alex...
I’ll never forgive Alex for…
I couldn’t understand why Alex…
I wish I would have told Alex...

The game ends with all players raising their glasses and toasting “to Alex!” 

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