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Lorfea: tiny kingdom, BIG problems • 2017 rpg

Tara Zuber • www.tarazuber.com

Lorfea: tiny kingdom; BIG problems. Rulers? Dead. Heroes? Missing. Evil? Everywhere. Only hope? You--Nobodies. Alone, you're useless. Together, you're mighty. Lorfea builds a network of allies and enemies who help or hinder each action.

~ONE large piece of paper

~Choose 2 expertises, one +2 and one +1, from Books, Crafts, Hunting, Brawls, Flirtation, & Bargaining
~On the paper, draw a circle. Write your character name inside. 
~Draw three more circles for NPCs. 
~Connect each PC to two NPCs: one ally, one enemy. 
~Label lines. Ally? +1. Enemy? -1. 

~Each player draws two threats in boxes; assign threat levels (1d6 * # players). 
~Connect one current NPC and two new NPCS to each threat. 
~If the threat helps them, label the line -1; if it hurts them, label +1.
~Connect all NPCs to an NPC enemy & ally.

~Make friends
~Defeat threats

Making Friends: 
~Help NPCs with GM-set tasks (e.g., reconcile friends, find items, gather herbs)
~Was the Task a success? Add 1 to the relationship. Failure? Subtract 1.

~Roll 1d6 + sum of all involved relationships (enemy & ally) + expertise
~Roll ABOVE the task/threat level

Task Level: 
~2-3: Easy
~4-5: Tricky
~6+: Get Help

Author Comments

I wanted to create a game the emphasized cooperation and building up a network of support to confront major threats.

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