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Hidden War: PvP Base Building • 2017 rpg

carlsojos • no link

Items needed:
Political map (more territories = longer game)
6+ d6

Create dossier:
Roll 1d6 for Attack, Defense, Charm, Intelligence, and Greed.  First person to own dossier assigns name and description of the Agent.  Assign to base on hire (up to capacity).

Create base: Roll 6d6 for capacity, security, integrity, and camouflage, 6d6-18 for Income.  Assign to a territory.

Max 1 action/character per turn.
Attack: Subtract (Attack)d6-((Defense)d6+Security) from Integrity.  If reduced to zero, base destroyed.
Kidnap: (Attack)d6 vs. Defense(d6) Prevent agent from acting until kidnapped back.
Fundraise: Add (Charm+Greed)d6 to player funds.
Charm: (Charm)d6 vs. (Intelligence)d6.  If positive, add result to target’s Loyalty and name to Target.
Scout: 1 fund to create dossier.  May hire immediately.
Search: Intelligence roll adds to accumulated total vs. Camouflage to see base’s stats and occupants if existing.
Build Base: Roll new base at the cost of total points in funding.
Hire: Pay Greed+Loyalty to hire known Agent.

Players start with base, character, and 50 funds.

Funds change by (Income-Greed) each turn.  If funds go negative, all agents, except starting character, are released for purchase by others.

Player loses when all bases destroyed.

Author Comments

Tried to do something different from the typical “group works together to defeat bad guy”. I lost when I tried to playtest with one other person.

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