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Six Days Remain • 2017 rpg

Max Kreminski •

You and your classmates are about to graduate from MAGIC COLLEGE. Decide on a name and major for your character. (Majors might include alchemy; divination; herbalism; daemonology; illusioncrafting; dungeoneering; cursebreaking; geomancy; and so on.)

As a group, pick six locations on campus and assign them the numbers 1-6. (Places on campus might include classrooms; dorms; the cafeteria; the student union; the bookstore; statues; fountains; distinctive-looking trees; sports fields; and so on.)

Graduation is in six days. Every day, roll 1d6, then visit the corresponding place on campus and reminisce about an experience you had there. Roll 1d6 again to determine how the memory makes you feel:

1 - resentful
2 - regretful
3 - wistful
4 - mirthful
5 - grateful
6 - hungry (or thirsty)

As you narrate the memory, be sure to talk about why it makes you feel this way.

If multiple people visit the same place on the same day, the experience is a shared one, narrated collectively by everyone there. (Different people might feel different things about the same memories. That’s okay.)

After graduation, narrate an EPILOGUE together. Discuss what you did after graduating and how your relationships with the others are today. Did everyone stay in touch?

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