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Advent • 2017 rpg

Dominik Marchand • no link

Over the next five weeks, an outlandish, distressing event will turn your little community upside down. The exact nature of the “Advent” is to be discovered in play, if at all.
Each week, the event will unfold and generate new trials as well as new opportunities for you, the heroes, to explore. 
At the start of the week, one player interprets what challenge the event brings from the weekly thematic statements below. Another describes a personal opportunity arising from the event: something about greed, power, faith, love or second chances. The remaining player(s) play out how their character seeks help, resources or solutions to overcome the challenge and decide if they seize the opportunity.
The players then switch roles around the following week.
The consequences of the Advent can be evaded, limited or fought, but can neither be stopped nor reversed.

Week 1   A breach in the ordinary appears

Week 2   A terrifying growth

Week 3   Friends turn into foes

Week 4   Roots of the community are threatened

Week 5 	 The outside world has stopped responding

Epilogue The Advent is part of the new normal. Discuss how your community        
                 has changed as a consequence, if it’s still standing.

Author Comments

This game was partly inspired by The Yawhg video game by Emily Carroll and Damian Sommer. I wanted to represent an event that could not simply be fought or counterspelled away by the heroes and to which they’d need to respond as individuals, but also members of a community.

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