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Moth • 2017 rpg

Banana Chan •

1-5 players
Approximately 12 minutes
You will need: A large piece of paper, pens, four three-minute songs

Play the first song. You start your lives as eggs.
Squeeze your body into itself as much as it physically can. Keep the piece of paper close enough so it can be reached between you and other players. Tear off a piece of the paper and write one word that expresses how you’re feeling as an egg. Fold and leave the note near where you’re positioned.

When the next song plays, crawl out of your shell as a larvae.
Stretch your body out of the position it was in as an egg. If you can, crawl around the room. Otherwise, move very slowly. Greet other larvae.

When the next song plays, solidify into a pupa.
Lay down, if you can. If not, stay very still.

When the next song plays, break out of your shells and flutter around the room as moths.
Sometimes, you may stop to open and read a note on the floor.

When the fourth song ends, each of you are reaching the end of your lives and you slowly fall to the ground.

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