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One-Night Stand • 2017 rpg finalist

Stefano Burchi • no link

You are two lovers. Think of a name; describe three good qualities you have and two you see in the other. They’ll be tested through play!

Describe yourself.

Describe a place where you can have sex. 

Remember: sex is consensual. Otherwise it’s rape.

Play five scenes: begin describing sex between the lovers. Choose a quality of your character, roll 1d4 and frame a flashback about it; the other player will describe how your quality is...

    1-real: this makes things significantly better;

    2-real: this makes things embarrassing.

    3-not real: this makes things worse;

    4-not real: this improves the situation;

You can cancel a roll and decide the outcome for yourself by burning one quality the other lover has seen in you. They decide which one and describe how they realize their mistake, during sex.

Flashback contents (scene order):

    1: how the lovers met (both roll);

    2-3: Why each lover decided to have a wild night out;

    4-5: Who each character is and what their life looks like.

After last flashback: describe how sex ends. If both lovers still have one of the qualities the other saw in them before, decide what to do next. If not, they will never meet again.  

Author Comments

Sources of inspiration: Showdown by Seth Ben-Ezra and the song “L’Odore” (“The Smell”) by Italian band ‘Subsonica’

Judge Comments

This may be the perfect subject for a 200 Word RPG: intensity, sex and dramatic misunderstanding, all turned up to eleven in the space of two hundred words.

I love how it includes the truths and delusions of sex and how playful it is about how either truth or delusion might improve the experience or make it worse. The anxiety and expectation of the moment are present too and the game does a good job of communicating how those emotions might transmute into either disappointment or ecstasy. Or both. - Abstract Machine

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