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Stranded: forcing time for thoughts (1p) • 2017 rpg

Remko van der Pluijm • +RemkovanderPluijm

No phone, no car and no gas station in a day on the way back and you’re out of gas.
And now isn’t the time, since [write down an important reason to return to your old life in the middle of a sheet of paper]. 

It is now 10h00. You have to get to the gas station at 23h00 to succeed for the reason.

You slowly start to walk in the direction of a nearby gas station. Roll a d6, add 1 hour to the clock and a relation to the important reason:
1. Giving up. Add a fact or opinion that makes the reason less important. 
2. A memory of a loved one involved. Add 1 name and a characterizing word.
3. A memory of a friend involved. Add 1 name and a characterizing word.
4. A memory of loss. Add an event in which the reason negatively influences someone closeby.
5. A memory of vengeance. Add an event in which a friend negatively influences the reason.
6. Worth fighting for. Add a fact or opinion that stresses the importance of the reason.

Continue till 23h00, then Evaluate. Go for it? Or should you start a new life?

Author Comments

Based on movies like “Jackie” and the IF Sand-Dancer by Aaron Reed.

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