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Justice Court TV • 2017 rpg

Justin Hebels •

What you need: 3 or more players, a TV show or movie to watch, and a timer.

Turn on and mute a show or movie. Designate one player as the Plaintiff and another as the Defendant, a third player becomes the Judge. Additional players become Witnesses. The Judge picks a case subject and it's time to play.

During play, the Plaintiff and Defendant take turns debating the case while doing voice overs for various characters that appear on TV. The Plaintiff and the Defendant are encouraged to call on Witnesses to help bolster their side of the case.

Set the timer to an agreed time, several minutes is suggested, the discussion ends when the alarm sounds and the Judge decides the winner of the case. The winner becomes the new Judge, picking the next case and choosing the show/movie.

Example Case:
Defendant ruined Plaintiff’s time machine by taking it back in time and a t-rex broke the am radio antenna.

21+ Rules: The Judge can deal out a punishment to the losing side and their Witnesses in the form of a number of sips of an alcoholic drink. Sips are determined by the roll of a six-sided die.

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