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The awakening of Asrya • 2017 rpg

Alex Haines • no link

It is a dark and foreboding night in Asrya, you and your fellows were moments ago wrapped in peaceful oblivion but powerful renegade magic has brought you all screaming back to the world of the living. Your party finds itself in the middle of a small town graveyard, you have all broken out of your tombs or clawed your way to the surface. You look upon each other and know you are cursed, that which is dead should stay dead. In the dead of the night you slowly realise what you are and speak to one another. Who could have ripped you from the afterlife and brought you back. With what little you were buried with you set out as a group to discover the world in chaos. The simple and peace races of men, elves and dwarves are beset by monsters from beyond the veil. Will you find the necromancer that awoke you? Will you help these people in need or turn on them in their darkest hour? The choice is yours. 

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