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There Is No Way Out Of This Arena • 2017 rpg

CorvidCall •

This is a game about gladiatorial combat, for 2 core players, and, optionally, any number of observers.

One person plays The Gladiator, and one person plays The Arena. The Gladiator describes what they're fighting for (glory, God, survival, the thrill) and why they're in the arena, and rolls 1d100 to determine their health at the start of the game. Each round, The Arena rolls 1d20 to determine the damage they inflict on The Gladiator. They then describe what challenges The Gladiator faces, and The Gladiator describes how they defeat them, if they still have health left, or how they are defeated, if they don't.

If there are any observers, they play The Audience. They describe who is watching the battle and how the audience feels about it/The Gladiator themselves. In their Mercy, The Audience can, once per game give an extra d20 to The Gladiator, to put off the end for a little longer. Or, should they so choose, they can give their extra d20 to The Arena, which can be a Mercy, too.

The game continues until The Gladiator is out of health, but can easily be started again.

The Arena is always ready for another Gladiator.

Author Comments

Special thanks to Taylor, for sending me the challenge, Robbi, Past, and Ryan for playtesting it, everyone at Nedo for being chill as hell, and everyone on the Blue Dawn podcast for getting me into tabletop games in the first place. Love yall. Teva Uggs for life.

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