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WITCHFEELS • 2017rpg

Ryan •

In this Cyber-Fascist-Hell-Future, sell your radical magicks on gig-economy-message-boards to make rent, and quietly resist.

When given options, rolld6 or choose.

Witch-Type: [Gynoid / Golem / Insectoid / Colony-Organism / Human / Shadow]

Magic-Type: [Haruspicy / Ash-salt / Technosigils / Spirits / Psychic / Gun]

Familiar: [Disembodied-Hands / Chihuahua / Leeches / Toadstone / Night-Black-Shadow-Cat / Miiilllkkssnnnnaaaaaaaakkeeee]

Choose your Witch-Number: 2-5

Roll over: reach-out, do something to help, protect, counsel or heal someone downtrodden.

Roll under: lash-out, be obstructive, angry, forceful or violent towards an oppressor. 

In a conflict rolld6. +1d6 if you’re prepared. +1d6 if your familiar helps.

0 Successes: You fail miserably, stuff gets bad and weird.
1 Success: You succeed. Stuff gets bad or weird.
2 Successes: You Succeed.
3 Successes: You really succeed. Stuff gets good and weird.

If your roll your Witch-Number, get WitchFeels. Count it as a success and ask a question which must be answered truthfully. Ask about feelings, motives, secrets, lies.

You’ve been hired to [Sanctify / Banish / Summon / Commune with / Heal / Teach] 
a [Succubus / Witch / Virus / Ghost / Aura / Cop] 
before the [Full-Moon / Solstice / Parents get home / Police-Raid / Upload is Complete / Protest]

After you complete the job, decide if you made enough for rent and food. If not, take another job. 

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