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A Day in the Life of a Mole Person • 2017 rpg

Matt Warren • no link

	Players have: 
•	6d personal resource counter. Ticks down one at day’s end unless resources scavenged. Set to 6. Character dies when personal counter reaches 0.
•	4d daily radiation modifier.

	Group has:
•	20d group resource counter. Ticks down # of players X1 at day’s end unless resources scavenged. Set to 3X # of players, this is the max (e.g. 5 players = 15 max, ticks down 5 daily). Everyone dies if group counter reach 0.
•	6d for scavenge and defense rolls.

	Describe nuclear wasteland:
•	Characters
•	Setting/Map
•	Enemy(s)

	Outset of day, for group: 
•	Decide on location to explore and needed resources. 
•	All roll personal radiation modifier. Subtract from scavenge (irradiated brain fog). Add to defense (mutant strength).

	Daily actions:
•	Players scavenge once. Player describes scavenging. Roll 6d minus modifier. 2-5 = success.
•	Success = player chooses. Hide resource (no personal tick down, add one instead) or contribute to group (first contributed scavenge = no group counter tick down. Second = uptick 1X # of players).
•	If scavenge fails, group describes attack. Roll 6d plus modifier. 6+ = attack defended. 2-5 = attacker injures player (player ticks personal counter down one).

Author Comments

Thanks to my RPG group for helping with testing this!! You guys are the best!

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