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Kharon's Obol • 2017 rpg

Cezar Capacle • notagiraffe.tk

You are the souls of the newly deceased trying to prove your worth to Kharon, the ferryman, so he takes you on his boat to the world of the dead.

Each soul draws two circles on a blank page. Write one regret in each circle: 
(1) a dream unfulfilled 
(2) someone you hurt

Cover each circle with a coin - your obols.

In turns, the active soul offers one obol to Kharon and tells the story of that regret. 

Kharon then flips the coin.

- Heads: a glimpse of the future. Another soul volunteers to narrate a vision of how things turn out just fine, despite the mistakes of the active soul.

- Tails: a flashback. Another soul offers a different point of view on things as they happened in the past, in a effort to resignify active soul’s actions and decisions. 

If the narration is accepted by both Kharon and the active soul, Kharon takes the obol. The soul is redeemed from that regret. Whoever narrated is now the active soul.

If both your obols end up accepted, you embark on the boat and no longer narrate. If not, you will wander the shores of river Styx for one hundred years.

Author Comments

I have always been fascinated by the Kharon (or Charon) character. So I took this opportunity to write a game about regret, generosity and redemption. I like how the mechanic is centered on other players trying to make the active player feel better about himself and forgive his own mistakes. And how freeing yourself from your regrets is the only way to move on.

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