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Shadows • 2017 rpg

Oli Jeffery •

A haunting mystery for a player and a GM.

Here's what you've learned in the week since you were murdered. Either you’re the only ghost, or ghosts can’t see each other. Nobody living can see or hear you. You can't touch anything, but you can’t do any cool ghost shit like walk through walls either. 

Except… If you concentrate really hard, you can make your presence known. You can be seen, briefly, or make someone hear you whispering in their ear. Moving stuff takes a lot of effort, but it’s doable.

But then, the Shadows come. You don’t know what they are. You’ve never seen them clearly, but you’ve got their attention. And they’re getting closer.
When you affect the living world, take a token and roll a d10. If you roll under your total number of tokens, a Shadow appears. Narrate how you try to get away, then roll again. If you roll under again, the Shadow catches you. Even Death ends.

Tell the GM five people who were important to you in life. One of them murdered you, but you don’t know who. Can you find out who killed you, and why, before the Shadows devour you?

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