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Dance • 2017 rpg

Maciej Zefir Starzycki •

Roll 1d6, mark that as your EXPRESSION.

You start as a child, you go through: childhood, school, another school, early adulthood/college, later in life.

Find somewhere, where absolutely no one will see you. Find the music track that gives you strength and energy, and makes you want move and play it.
Start dancing. Forget what you know about dancing, just do what you feel. Random moves, silly moves, wild moves, whatever you body tells you.
Follow your body.

Now roll 1d6+BLOCKED. If you rolled higher or equal than your expression, something happened, select:
- your parent saw you dancing and told about it to someone else, they shared a laugh, it hurt
- someone told you, you can't dance
- you saw people dancing on TV and you heard that this is how people should dance
- someone walked in on you, and laughed
- something else - think of something, imagine it

You get +1 BLOCKED each time one of those happen.

Dance and roll for each phase you go through (at least 4 times)

If and when your BLOCKED is equal or higher to your EXPRESSION, you can't dance anymore. I am sorry.

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