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So here is the Scenario • 2017 rpg

Wordse • https://twitter.com/Wordse_Vo

This is a game for four to five and one DM the DM pitches a scenario  and gives form to the setting and situation. The players then roll dice and highest begins taking place in the scene as a character. Play goes round table the next person takes over DM duties making sure to complete these task during play as more people take over everyone stays in the scene and things grow more interesting.

1. Move forward - This can be anything not just "moving" but they must make forward motion in some way in the scene.

2. Act upon the setting and find an impedance.

3. Find or introduce a new aspect that might help the situation

4. Act towards your next action and pass the narrative while introducing yourself as a character.

And then as the first player passes  the next DM takes control each round should be about 10-12 minutes once every player has gone once the first DM sets up the finish.During which the group goes one more time around as the players work together to end the scenario. 

Author Comments

I’ve wanted to play a fast paced improve game.

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