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Intrigue in Hobbiton • 2017 rpg

Nicolas Garcia • nicolasogarcia.com

PLAY TIME: 60-120 min.

It’s old eccentric Bindlestiff Proudbottom’s eleventy-first birthday party, and the whole Shire is invited!


You are guests. Take a note card for yourself, and a scrap of paper for each other guest.

On the card, write your name, two things you’re proud of, and one annoying quality. Introduce yourself.

On two scraps, write your name and your two darkest secrets involving the other guests. Leave the others blank. Randomly pass out your scraps to each guest.

On the back of your card, secretly write your goal for the evening.


From oldest to youngest, take turns playing the host, Bindlestiff Proudbottom:
    1. Stand up and make an announcement. Introduce the next event (cheese course, dancing, storytelling, surprise wizard visitor, etc.).
    2. Set a 3-minute timer.
    3. Guests make small talk and describe their actions until the alarm sounds. If a guest wishes to do something difficult or controversial, the host has final say.
    4. When the alarm sounds, the next host gets up and makes an announcement.


The party ends once each guest has played host twice. Take turns revealing your goal and describing how you fare in the party’s aftermath.

Author Comments

Great idea! Had a lot of fun coming up with the game and testing it out with friends.

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