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BAD STUDENT • 2017 rpg

Luca Bonisoli •

3-6 players.
In a parallel universe, after middle school half the students must be kicked out of school. You are teachers (choose your subjects) and must decide the fate of a group of students. Theoretically only grades and behavior matter, but your decisions cannot be questioned, therefore you are free to consider any factor (family, friends, medical conditions, wealth, racism, sexism, politics...)
- One teacher (the Leader) introduces a student: name, gender, appearance, geographical origin.
- Every teacher narrates 2 flashbacks, showing a good reason to make the student pass and a good reason to make her fail. Start narrating with “I remember…”, stick to your personal viewpoint and don’t contradict what has already been established.
- Discuss for exactly 5 minutes.
- Vote either Fail (raise your hand and say “Bad student”) or Pass (do nothing). The majority wins. On a tie, the Leader’s vote wins.
- The Leader narrates a flashforward telling the student’s future.
- Change the Leader and repeat for the next student, until all players have been Leaders.
Lastly, if less than half the students are kicked out, one teacher must be fired. Vote by pointing a finger and saying “Bad teacher”. Break the ties by voting again.

Author Comments

This game was inspired by my personal experience as an italian middle school teacher. Every school year students attend a dozen of subjects and they pass or fail them all as a whole. If a student has failing grades in one or more subjects, we have to vote whether to make him/her pass or fail the whole school year. It’s the hardest part of my job.

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