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Space travel with babies • 2017 rpg

Elizabeth Lovegrove •

Up to five adults and babies.

Space is big: hundreds of colonised worlds. Technology, culture and law vary.

FTL travel uses 'jump pods’, traveling between gates. Journeys take 1-5 hours, connecting with many worlds and gates at each end.

The game is one jump journey. Agree how long the journey will be, set a timer; when it goes off, the journey ends.

The room you are in, plus bathroom and kitchen, is your jump pod. 

Children play themselves; actions relating to them are in character. 

Play begins when you enter the pod as strangers, stuck in this space with children; your only entertainment is talking. Start with small talk, but progress to learning about each other.

**Character generation**
* Where are you travelling from/to?
* Why? 
* Did anyone see you off?
* Is anyone meeting you?
* One-way or return trip? 
* Have you been there before? 

* Look for similarities and differences between you.
* Make things up about your journey, destination, family as you go along 
* Talk about the children: ages, activities, preferences, abilities. 
* Think about how children learn social rules, and have leeway in breaking them; what are they doing which will be trained out of them later? 

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