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A Single Point Of Reference • 2017 rpg

Alexander Swords •

Ideally played by two people. 

Inside a big room the first treaty between an alien race and the human race is being negotiated. Outside, two people at the bottom of the hierarchy are sitting and waiting together. 

Player One: an alien who has learnt the language from text, but has no other references for the world. They must ask the other player(s) to explain things. 
Player Two: must describe what is being asked without relying on anything but the most basic definitions of things. 
Player One: can ask for clarifications on things if they feel Player Two is relying too much on assumed knowledge. 

Example questions:
What is the colour “burnt orange”?
What is family?
How does coffee taste?
What does lying in the sun feel like?
What is a cat and why would you want one in your house?
What is love?

Players should feel free to act out or use their surroundings, but the internet is not allowed. Playing in libraries encouraged.

Player 2 wins when Player 1 feels like they would understand the important aspects of whatever they asked. They don’t have to answer the question, though. 

Author Comments

Can also be played over Twitter, sms and the like as long as no links or images are used. Ideally served with a chilled white wine, or a pale ale if you’re a beer drinker.

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