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RNJesus and the 12 Diceiples • 2017 rpg

Gregor Robertson • no link

1  RNJesus   (Game Master)
1+ Diceiples (Players)

After years of gamers around the world praying to the RNG God it finally happened, he answered. That's right, nerds literally birthed a God into the world.

Taking the name RNJesus (praise be upon him), he has decided to grant his Disciples (Diceiples as he calls them) the ability to perform magic. The catch? You must make a bet with RNJesus before you cast the spell. The less likely you are to win the bet, the more powerful the spell with less penalty should it fail and vice versa.

While the Diceiple decides the general goal of the spell, RNJesus decides what really happens when the Diceiple wins or loses the bet. For example, a Diceiple’s parents came into their room and needs to magic away their “magazines” before the parents see them. If the Diceiple bets the top card of a normal deck is an Ace and succeeds, then the “magazines” will vanish and the parents will have no knowledge of them. If the Diceiple bets the top card is not an Ace and fails then the “magazines” will glow bright, drawing the attention of the parents straight to them.

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