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Nakama: A Card Game of Magical Girls • 2017 rpg

Snorb • no link

Five players, two decks of cards (no jokers.)

Four players are a magical girl team; Princess Heart/Diamond/Club/Spade.  Divvy each suit to their respective player.

You are The Adversary. You get a full deck of your own.

The Princesses interact with each other in their lives, then the monster of the week attacks! Everyone shuffles their decks.

The Adversary draws one card for the monster’s Strength and unique power; Princesses must meet or exceed this to score a hit. Each Princess describes what they are doing and draws a card from their deck. Each Princess must score one hit before the monster is weakened; one more hit defeats it.

The Monster draws a second card; the suit is an attack on that Princess! She draws a card to defend herself (losing two cards if unsuccessful.) A Princess is down if she is out of cards.

Princesses recover all lost cards when a monster is defeated.

The Princesses win by defeating 13 monsters.

Hearts: Recovers one hit each round.
Diamonds: Requires two Princesses to score one hit for it to count.
Clubs: Can force a Princess to discard one extra card.
Spades: Can attack two Princesses. (Resolve separately.)

Author Comments

DISCLAIMER: I didn’t playtest this AT ALL.

Inspired by Sailor Moon, Princess: The Hopeful, Cute High Earth Defense Club Love, and by listening to “Last Surprise” about 20 times on loop on YouTube. (You never see it COMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG)

Fun fact: This was almost a game inspired by the Phantom Thieves from Persona 5, but someone else kinda beat me to the concept.

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