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The Day They Came • 2017 rpg

Steve Dee •

Nobody expected it to happen so fast. But at least, the borders were still open, and the teleporters were still operational. We could get off earth. But nothing dead would travel. 

The healthiest player starts. If in doubt, choose the youngest male person. Then choose any other order of play.

The first player takes the second where the others cannot hear them. The first player chooses an item they are carrying or wearing.  Show it to the second player and give them a Sharpie. They have one minute to sketch the item on their body, while you tell them a story about what the item means to you. The first player returns to the others. The second player shows their picture to the third and tells the story while they have one minute to draw. Repeat for all players.

The last player returns to the others and presents their sketch and tells the story of the days on earth, and about this amazing precious item their ancestor once owned. Remember that earth is long gone so if you’re not sure what the picture is or what parts of the story mean, you’ll have to guess or extrapolate. 

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