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Transient Global Amnesia System • 2017 rpg

Francesco Rugerfred Sedda •

Transient Global Amnesia System
A narrative role-playing game for 3+ players
Design by Francesco Rugerfred Sedda

Sit in a circle, close enough to each other that you can whisper to the players on either side without standing up.

You all play a single character suffering from Transient Global Amnesia: they are not able to recall recent events.

The player that most recently forgot something important goes first, starting the game whispering on the ear of the player on the left the phrase “You wake up. What do you do?”.

The player receiving the whisper whisper back the answer, then it turn on the player on the left, describe what’s happening around the character and ask “What do you do?”

After the first complete round, the game may end when a player whisper “You fall asleep.” to the left.

Author Comments

Feel free to take parts of the game and use them to create something else! :)

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