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Where'd It All Go Wrong? • 2017 rpg

Adam Lovett • no link

The job went wrong. It wasn’t pretty. The team split up to avoid death or capture. The remaining accomplices have met at the rendezvous to answer one question: “Where’d it all go wrong?”

Each accomplice rolls 1d6. Ties are rerolled.

The accomplice with the lowest roll picks the job, or rolls 1d6:

1. Frame-Up
2. Heist
3. Kidnap
4. Sabotage
5. Surveillance
6. Transport

The accomplice with the highest roll begins with: “Where’d it all go wrong? I’ll tell you.” They describe where they were and what they were doing when the job went wrong.

Each accomplice has three Detail tokens. An accomplice can play a Detail token to ‘Fill In The Details’ any time they aren’t telling the story. The token is discarded and the accomplice takes over the story from their perspective. Use the Detail to twist the story; add new events, items, places or people. Be creative. The goal is to spin the story to a tragic, comic, or violent end.

When the last Detail token is played, the accomplice quickly finishes the story. ‘Fill In The Details’ to resolve as many loose threads as possible. The accomplice closes with: “That’s how it all went wrong.”

Author Comments

My submission takes inspiration from the nonlinear style of Quentin Tarantino’s heist movie Reservoir Dogs, and the back-and-forth collaborative style of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen RPG by James Wallis. Hope y’all like it!

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