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Performance Issues • 2017 rpg

Chris Cirillo •

An actor portrays a multitude of characters in their career. What if they were recruited into a mercenary team together? It’s like the Expendable where the whole team is composed of multiple Stallones, or Arnolds, or...

2-3 players (GM optional)
1d6 per player

Players choose 3 characters from TV or Film who were portrayed by a single actor. (Eg. Eddie Murphy: Axel Foley, Prince Akeem, Pluto Nash)
Designate each character to an even and odd number. (Eg. 1-2=Axel Foley, 3-4=Prince Akeem, 5-6=Pluto Nash).
Describe the story. Meditate actions (combat or not) with dice rolls — roll a d6 to determine if you succeed with awesome (on Evens) or fail with humor (on Odds). (Optional rule: Never tell them the Odds. Just tell them how you fail.)
You can “flip your roll” to success if you impersonate the character in their actions or use a one-liner from their respective movies or television show.
Games can be cooperative or PVP against a foe or obstacle presented by the GM or other players.

Author Comments

Thanks to Laura B. from the “Technical Difficulties Gaming” podcast for helping to edit the copy and make it more succinct.

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