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Tyrze, a MMORPG • 2017 rpg

steej71 • no link

“Tyrze” is a MMORPG.  The land of Tyrze has different zones populated by different races. Human, dwarf, and elf are the common races. There are also zones for giants (cyclops, hill, stone, frost, fire, and Titan), reptile (lizardman, naga, gorgon, basilisk, drake, dragon), demi-human (goblin, orc, ogre, troll, imp, and Demon), shapeshifters (catperson, minotaur, centaur, treant, sphinx, and Doppleganger), and undead (skeleton, zombie, ghost, werewolf, vampire, and Lich). Each race has class restrictions. There is a level cap of 100. Every time your character completes 20 levels, he may continue leveling that character, or start over at level 1 in the same zone with a more powerful character. For example, if your skeleton reaches level 20, he may swap to a 1st level zombie. If your zombie reaches level 40, you may skip ghost, and go straight to 1st level werewolf. The zones are in constant battle with each other. One town in each zone is neutral and populated by NPC’s. I believe a game like this would foster community, and also allow players to become boss monsters who can try to ransack other towns. I have many details for this game if you’re interested. 

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