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Liber Mortis Palace • 2017 rpg

John McNabb • www.mcnabbgames.com

“Necromancers rarely summon intelligent undead, but when the opportunity arises all souls in the veil hasten for the door.”

Players control a spirit who scrambles to undergo the 13 trials that lead to the Liber Doorway to re-enter the world of the living.

Each player has two scores
Essence / Knowledge

All players control one type of undead.
Creature type - Essence/Knowledge
Elf - +1/+3
Dwarf - +3/+1
Human - +2/+2
Each turn 1 Player rolls a d8 to determine that rounds trial.
Runes +3
Illusions +2
Wards +4
Rituals +1
Wraith +3
Ghost +2
Spectre +1
Banshee +4

To partake in a trial.
Players Roll a d20 each to determine who may attempt trial in descending order.

A d20 is then rolled and the bonus next to the trial name is added to it. Each player attempts to roll higher than the total in order to complete the trial. Players may use their essence or knowledge bonus when attempting the appropriate trial. When a trial is completed it disappears and a new trial must begin.

The first spirit to complete 13 trials wins.

Author Comments

This is a fun simple game of chance with a small hint of strategy in choosing your spirit type.

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