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Squamous • 2017 rpg finalist

Nick Wedig •

You are each eldritch abominations, taking human form for nefarious purposes.  Your human vessels are… weak.  Disgusting. Meat. Always sweating, defecating, desiring. How do humans tolerate this?

Each abomination has a secret eldritch Goal.  Write down a noun and a verb.  Give the noun to your left-hand player and the verb to your right-hand player.  Combine the noun and verb you receive for your Goal. Take 15 d6s. You succeed at your Goal when you have no dice.

Describe your human appearance and identity.

Each player has authority over a human Need. Things like hunger, hygiene, sexual desire, romance, social acceptance. Name yours.

Take turns framing scenes where you perform tasks to achieve your Goal. Other players roleplay NPCs, describe scenery, etc.  

When they describe how their Need complicates your task, they offer 2-5 dice.  Roll one die. 

If you roll higher than the number of offered dice, the Need causes problems. Take the offered dice.  

If you roll lower, you resist the urge. That player takes back their dice and the die you rolled.  

If you roll equal, then you succeed at your task even while still succumbing to the Need. Discard all rolled and offered dice.

Author Comments

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Judge Comments

This game takes several of the classic tropes of Cthulhu Mythos style games, such as dark gods, evil powers, ineffable motivations, and promptly pops them with a pin, envisioning the dark lords of the universe bumbling through mundane human life in service of their secret (and randomized) goals. An excellent use of theme and randomized elements makes this game perfect for parties, while still encouraging roleplaying amongst the players. - Jef and Jon

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