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The Chronicles of... • 2017 rpg finalist

Jonathan Semple •

One player introduces themselves as the Archivist; traveller, tale-keeper, and stranger to these lands. Your clothes are well-worn and foreign; your pack is heavy with inks and tomes. Wandering, you’ve happened upon a small group of local people. Describe yourself to them.

The other players are inhabitants of this land, full of tales and histories. Take a moment together to discuss what makes this place unique, then tell the Archivist what you call it. Describe your immediate surroundings and why you’re there.

The Archivist asks questions, prompting stories about the land and its people.

While an inhabitant tells a story, another may say, “Isn’t it the case that…” The storyteller (or someone else) will either revise the story, working in this detail, or explain how that is, in fact, not that case.

If an inhabitant has personal knowledge on a matter, they may say “You’re lying, here’s the truth…” The storyteller (or someone else) will either recant, reworking the tale in light of this, or refute the claim.

At any time the Archivist may ask for more details, or say, “In [another land, giving details] they say that…” The inhabitants will acknowledge or deny any relation.

Author Comments

With contributions from David Deschamps.

Judge Comments

Fun Lore builder game with friends. I like how this game plays “and then” improv style and has one character actually writing everything down. A different look into GM/player interaction. - Satine Phoenix

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