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RLS (Real-Life Superheroes) • 2017 rpg

Jeff Dee • no link

Stats: Mind, Speed, Body. PCs get 6 in each, adding 4 points among them.
Hits= Body^2 /5, round up.
PCs get 3 ability points. Each point adds a partial stat ability (+1 Move, +1 Body for Hits, +1 dodge, +1 punch damage, +1 at a task, etc.), new capability (Mind” attack range, Body-4 damage attack, 1 armor, Speed” gliding, crude nightvision, etc.), or 3 points = +1 to a Stat. GM judges ability requests.
Make an ability Gear for -1 cost. Gear can be taken and broken.
Create code-name, costume.
2d6, roll ((Mind or Speed) – difficulty*) or less. Failed doubles = critical fumble, successful doubles = critical success. GM judges criticals.
*opponent’s stat -7, or GM-assigned
Characters go in order of Mind, Speed, then Body. Move & act, act & move, or Hold. Held characters can interrupt others later.
Move = Speed”.
To hit: Speed task vs. target speed.
Punch: adjacent targets, damage = attacker’s (Body – 5) minus armor*
*(roll 1d6: 1=-2, 2=-1, 5=+1, 6=+2)
Incapacitated if blow exceeds half target’s remaining Hits, die at negative target’s hits.
1 per rest day
GM creates NPC criminals, runs stories.
Vote one PC +1 ability point per episode.

Author Comments

Think Kick-Ass. For real superheroes, visit http://monkeyhousegames.com/

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