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Tall Tales and Tankards • 2017 rpg

Rick Sorgdrager •

> Prepare drinks & friends.
> You are: adventurers / pirates / explorers / swashbucklers.
> Introduce yourselves by name and alias.
> Raise your drinks and drink deep. Whoever drank deepest tells the first tall tale.

To tell a tall tale, drink deep and tell us how you...
   ... came by your injury / terrible secret / prized possession / dreadful curse / alias.
   ... met the sage / soulmate / tyrant / unknowable / legend.

During your tall tale you may...
   ... clink drinks with someone and remind them of their part in the tale.
       Both drink deep. They tell us what role they played.
   ... ask someone to hold your drink while you re-enact a daring maneuver.
       Anybody that’s impressed must drink deep.

During someone else’s tall tale you may drink as deep as you wish and...
   ... introduce terrible danger. Taleteller chooses:
          - Drink deeper than you did and say how they defied the odds.
          - Tell us what was harmed or lost.
   ... call out blatant untruth. Taleteller chooses:
          - Drink deeper than you did.
          - Tell us how it really happened.

To end your tall tale propose a toast to...
   a person / place / matter left unresolved…
      for a lesson taught / an opportunity presented / a lasting impact on the world.
Everyone drink deep. Nominate someone to tell the next tall tale.

Author Comments

Tall Tales and Tankards is a drinking game!

As with all drinking games, please be cautious and take your physical and personal limits into account. Make sure everybody is, and stays, okay. To be sure, assign a single person to not drink and make sure everybody’s comfortable and safe.

Have fun pretending to be drunk pirates with friends!

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