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Oathbreakers: Deviant Warlocks • 2017 rpg

Tim B • no link

Gather three tokens per person.

Each person states a long-standing norm. When the last person finishes, they also declare how their Oathbreaker broke a stated norm. Then they decide their name and one or two powers. Each person follow suit, then a candle is lit.

During the following scenes, an Oathbreaker may use an owned power. If used to benefit another Oathbreaker, the player gives a token to that favored player. If used to benefit a non-deviant, the player removes the token from play. If used to benefit themselves, the player keeps the token. If you have no tokens but use a power, take another's, then cast it away forever.

First, play to answer: In what ways is our deviant enclave home, even when other deviants threaten it? Once answered, someone extinguishes the candle.

After time, another candle is lit. Next, play to answer: Why does greater society and its oaths still challenge our lives on the periphery? Once answered, someone extinguishes the candle.

After some time, a final candle is lit. Lastly, play to answer: How do we tangle our lives with non-deviants? Once answered, someone extinguishes the final candle.

Examine how the remaining tokens spell each Oathbreaker’s fate.

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