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Duel of Change • 2017 rpg

Stuart Hodge • https://twitter.com/redartifice

2 players and a judge(s)

You need: 10 coins of same denomination and different years of minting

You are two SUPER POWERFUL SHAPESHIFTING WIZARDS. You hate each other.

Flip a coin to determine who goes first. Divide the ten coins evenly between the wizards. They then pocket the coins.

The starting player will draw a coin from their pocket. The final 2 digits in the year of minting determines which shape you shift into- pick from the list below with the two digits you have

1 Insect
2 Mouse
3 Sparrow
4 Ferret
5 Cat
6 Wolf
7 Eagle
8 Stallion
9 Bull
0 Elephant

Narrate which shape you shift into, and how you’ll defeat the opponent. Wizard 2 then does the same with a coin from their pocket, narrating how they defeat player one’s shape with their new shape.

Judge(s) then pick a winner based on narration. Discard coins, then Player 2 begins round 2 by drawing a new coin from their pocket and shapeshifting. Alternate who goes first each round. 

When no coins remain, winner of the most rounds wins and shapeshifts into a Dragon.

For added fun, do it in verse with a rap beat.

Author Comments

Inspired by the shapeshiting duels that crop up in mythology all the time (and in stuff like Sword in the Stone). Thanks to my RPG crew for feedback

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