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Jump! • 2017 rpg

Earthan • http://itch.io/profile/earthan

Required: poker deck, d10

Your interdimensional ship is broken and you have no control over your destination. You must fix it with local materials.

Shuffle, lay deck face-down. Take turns clockwise.

On your turn:
Turn over the top card. Describe a detail of this world:
	Clubs: botanical.
	Diamonds: geological.
	Hearts: zoological.
	Spades: dangerous.

On a number card, roll.
If you roll:
Higher, keep the card as a success. What have you found?

Equal, you’ve found a crucial component! Set these aside.

Lower, discard as failure.

1, critical failure! Describe the setback. Next player must address it.

On a face card, you must negotiate with a local. Narrate or role-play this.

Jack(11): Devil’s bargain. Win, but treat the next failure as if they rolled 1. If they did roll 1, lose highest-value success instead. Describe how.

Queen(12): Judgement. If you have more successes than failures, win. Otherwise, lose. If equal, judgment postponed until after next turn.

King(13): Winning requires a sacrifice. What is asked of you? Is it worth it?

When combined successes equal 20, any player may jump the party to a new world. Reshuffle, excluding crucial components. Start over.

Win: jump with 5 crucial components.

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