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Maximum Efficiency • 2017 rpg

Lonnie Harris • no link

Maximum Inefficiency, The Game

Maximum Inefficiency is a game for three or more players. The object of the game is to complete a simple task in a random, elevated number of individual non-repeatable actions, with emphasis on ridiculous solutions.
 Play begins by the players rolling two d6. The highest roller begins the game. That player becomes the Activity Director, who describes the start and end of a simple task.The Activity Director then rolls two d6 and adds six to the result. This number then defines the maximum number of actions required to fulfill the task.

Moving around the table clockwise, all the other players describe the method they use to fulfill the task. They may not repeat an action while describing the task, nor use more actions than rolled. After the player to the right of the Activity Director finishes his description, all players at the table then decide which player has made the most ridiculous solution to the problem. That player is awarded a point, and the next player clockwise becomes the Activity Director. Play continues until all players have been Activity Directors twice, after which the person with the most points wins.

Author Comments

I’d like to thank my editors, Daniel Krongaard and Laura Briskin-Limehouse, for fixing my mangled English.

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