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A tale untold • 2017 rpg

Borsuk • no link

On a cold and abandoned Earth, we have found a relic from times of Men. Gather around and put it on display for everyone to see!

It could have been a teapot or an old radio. Now it is all dust and rust. And for us, who harvest stories of Men, its tale is still untold.


Secretly decide whether you are repulsed or fascinated by the relic.

Whenever you feel brave, take the relic. The others ask you questions. Who had made it? How did it feel? Where have you found it? Answer one that suits you best.

Now, do you see a Scar or a Replacement on the relic? Scar: describe it and ask someone how did it happen. Decide if they lies and why. Replacement: ask someone to describe it. You tell how did it happen. They decides if you lie and why.

Put the relic on display again for someone to take it.


When you feel the story is complete, roll d6 + lies. If the result is higher than Scars + Replacements, the tale remains untold. The repulsed win. If the result is lower than Scars, the relic is destroyed and no one wins.

Author Comments

Inspired by art of kintsugi.

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