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The fuel is gone • 2017 rpg

Luke Gearing •

the fuel is gone
and you are all so very
something else is on board
something moves from room to room
submit to the horror
else die as oxygen depletes
if you all die the ship drifts endless
submission could save you
if it knows of other fuel sources
or it could just fucking kill you
one plays it - begins in DOCKING AREA or ASTEROID CLAMP
player decides it’s motivation, physique, technology and powers
mark movement secretly & honestly
be terrifying and mysterious.
the others are the crew, fill from top:
CAPTAIN - shot himself dead in bridge
NAVIGATOR - responsible for this
ENGINEER - once kept the ship running
MINERS - desperate enough for the dangerous work

resolve actions by voting. it has one vote worth half the total players, rounded down
it can veto the results of up to 3 votes in the course of play 
THE SHIP - connections represented by *
BRIDGE - pistol, control panels, computers
EQUIPMENT ROOM - miners’ gear   	*   SPINE CORRIDOR - empty     *         HOLDING CELL - for the mutinous
                                                                                            	  *                                                                       	*
            	                                                            	MESS ROOM - crew begin here                             	*
                                                                                            	*                                                              	           	*
DOCKING AREA - has EVA gear  *  ENGINEERING - atmospherics and the engine            	            		*
                            	*                                                         	*                                                                         	*
ASTEROID CLAMP - tunnel      *       HOLDING BAY - full of food and minerals	 *	 ESCAPE PODS - all sold.

Author Comments

the formatting above got messed up - you might be able to piece it together.

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