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Tiny Tribe • 2017 rpg

VLF Transmitter • no link

The players are leaders of a 100 tiny person tribe trying to survive in a suburban home. They may be fragile and an inch tall, but each one is absolutely devoted to their leaders.

GM / leaders decide on goals like “Drink Milk” or “Make Fire” that the leaders must guide their tribe to complete.

Conflict Resolution (CR)
1. GM chooses dice based on difficulty and risk
2. Leaders assign a number of tribesman to the job
  a. Moving tribesmen over gaps or vertically necessitates assigning as many tribesmen as the leaders want to move, moving more tribesmen may be more risky
3. The number rolled is the number of assigned tribesmen who died in service
4. At least one tribesman must survive for success
5. If the lowest possible number is rolled everyone survives

After CR1 a leader can choose to complete the task themselves. This guarantees success but will always kill the leader, who must now lead from beyond the grave as a ghost!

Objects can be carried. After CR1 the leaders may describe how to use an object to complete a task. The GM gives a number between zero and infinity to be subtracted from the roll.

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