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Legendary Heroes • 2017 rpg

Matthew Jones • no link

3-5 players.
Standard poker deck.

You are a legendary hero tell your story and don’t let the others out do yours!

Card Values

Each suit coincides with a timeframe; Clubs (Adolescence), Diamonds (Teens), Hearts (Adulthood), and Spades (any timeframe) 
Each value is as follows; 2-5 Boasts, 6-10 Victories, Jack Queen and King are Resolutions, and Ace is any value.


1: Each player receives 7 cards.
2: Each player may discard up to 2 cards and draw 2 replacements.

3: Active player begins by describing a victory and then playing a victory card.
4: The first opposing player to throw a Boast card of a matching suit, after the victory card is revealed, may one up the active player and steal the victory.
4A: If a Boast was played the active player may play and describe a Resolution of the same suite to take the victory back.
5: Play passes to the left returning to step 3. This continues until all Victory Cards have been played. Play skips players who cannot play Victory Cards. 

Once all Victory Cards have been played whomever has the most victories wins. Bonus +2 victories if you have a victory from all three timeframes.

Author Comments

Big thanks to Eli Kurts for reading this over!

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