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Chirognomy • 2017 rpg

Sean Smith • http://www.archaism.co.uk

Delve into a nostalgic dreamland to revoke your biggest regret from the Tarot.


Cast some d6 equal to your the most relevant score, keeping exactly two, versus the gamesmaster's d12.  Do you succeed?
- I scored lower: NO, AND things worsen
- I scored higher: YES, BUT things complicate
- We match: YES AND the dreamland alters in your favour


You have four scores: ambition, responsibility, creativity, communication.  Each begins at value 2.

Consult your non-dominant palm; look for the biggest gap between your fingers:
- First and second: confident, increase ambition and responsibility by 2 each.
- Second and third: responsive, increase responsibility and creativity by 2 each.
- Third and final: independent, increase creativity and communication by 2 each.
- Negligible difference: practical, increase all values by 1.

Next, decide:
- Head line: What is your biggest achievement?
- Heart line: What are you afraid of?
- Life line: To whom do you owe your life?

Finally, reduce any one of your scores by 1.


You seek the Major Arcana personality numbered as the time now according to the 24h clock.  Denizens of the dreamland roll 2d12 and take the highest; Tarot personalities roll 4d12 and take the highest.

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