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Magical Spaceship Adventures • 2017 rpg

Chance Phillips • no link

You are the crew of the Lucky Star, a magic-fueled spaceship held together by equal parts imagination and duct tape.

Pick a vocation:

Pick a job:

To resolve conflicts, roll 2d6 and add one if your vacation/role applies or two if both do.  If the result’s from 7-9, you succeed and pick a complication.  If it's 10+, you don't pick a boon.

    -Someone's hurt
    -Something's lost
    -It gets weirder

Traveling through space gets weird real quick. Weird starts at two and increases by one when a conflict is resolved and the 'It gets weirder' complication is selected.  If your unmodified 2d6 roll is <= the weird, it's a failure. If your roll's 10+ and > weird, you can receive a complication and reduce weird by one.  At weird 12, the Lucky Star and its crew become so improbable they are wiped from existence.

The admiral’s a special player who controls everything except for player characters. 

They canNOT:
     -deus ex machina
     -restrain the weird
     -bore the players

Author Comments

MSA is supposed to be a PBtA Spelljammer parody that really embraces the weird.

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