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Adventure Story • 2017 rpg

Mark L. Chance •

Needed: 3-6 players (no GM), 2d6, deck of cards, pencils, paper, tokens.

Heroes: Write [adjective] [noun] [preposition] [adjective] [noun] character description. Divide +3 among Holiness, Melee, Stealth, and Wizardry stats. +2 maximum, -1 minimum.

Example: Fearless Dwarf with Sacred Axe. Holiness +1, Melee +2, Stealth +0, Wizardry +0.

Equipment? What makes sense. Don’t overthink it.

Order of Play: Deal 1 card each. Ace high; two low; ties go to older player. Distribute six tokens in order of play. Play goes to the left.

Main Conflict: In order, describe one element of conflict’s Who? What? Where? When? Why? (5W).

Scene: Deal 12 cards. In order, play a card. Describe scene’s 5W.

Ace: Major challenge. Victory Points (VP) equals Hero Number (H#) + 1.
Face: Medium challenge. VP = H#.
Number: Minor challenge. VP = H# - 1.

Actions: In order, narrate action. Roll 2d6 + stat. Use token? Add +1. Narrate result. 10+, success (+2 VP). 7-9, success (+1 VP). 6-, failure (-1 VP).

Scene Success: +1 token to next player.

Scene Failure: Heroes take -1 to one stat. Narrate why.

Hero Death: All stats equal -1. Narrate how.

Last Card: Final encounter. Survivors get +1 stat, +1 token, or additional description. Maximum stat +3.

Author Comments

Inspired by Dungeon World and Fate Accelerated Edition.

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