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Time to Run • 2017 rpg

Sanchit Sharma • no link

This is a game for two players. One of you will play a megacorporation, the other a lone decker.
You will need some playing cards and tokens.

Describe the corporation. Who are their customers? What is their structure?
Describe the decker. What kind of person are they? Why do they want to destroy the megacorp?
Remove face cards and jokers from the deck and deal two to the corp player and five to the decker.

Once both players are ready, each frames an opening scene to introduce their character. After this, they take it in turns setting scenes (the decker goes first).

Set the scene.
Are you acting towards your goal? Note: non-action scenes are a good way to explore characters and motivations - don’t always go for the action scenes!
If so, during the scene each player places a card face down. Flip both at a suitably tense moment - the higher number indicates the winner of the scene (Ace low). The winner gets a token.
Conclude the scene. The megacorp player draws to two cards.

Once five action scenes are completed, the player with most tokens ‘wins’ - there is one final scene describing how they win the conflict.

Author Comments

Try this for character creation: Write down two traits for a runner and two traits for a megacorp on an index card. Collect the four index cards for your character and choose three. Then describe your character based on these three traits.

Suggestions for opening scenes: A typical meeting with the board of directors. The morning after a night out drinking with the decker’s friends. The latest deal (corp or decker) being completed or falling through.

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